The Ceilidh Experiment is a series of dance events with lively and exciting music from our resident live band, Vic Smith and Nick Dewhurst.

We are currently looking for a new venue. This website will be updated soon when we have a new venue and new events.

Tickets will be £10 on the door.

A ceilidh is an evening of dances for everyone to join in with.  You dance each dance with a partner (usually a different partner for each dance) but also with a group of other couples called a set.  The moves are easy — you’ll pick it up very quickly — and there is a caller (an instructor) to walk you through the dances and keep prompting over the music.  It’s a great way to get some exercise (a legit alternative to the gym!) and an even better way to meet people and make friends.  Wear loose comfortable clothing and flat shoes you can dance in.  There is no need to bring a partner, but feel free to bring all your friends.